Reflections of Argyll

Reflections of Argyll is all about the wildlife & nature, history & heritage of the Argyll area. Argyll is rich in all of these things and I recommend you get out there and explore. I like to spend time walking with my partner, my son, and our dogs. There`s always some piece of hidden history or some flower I have never encountered before. This usually means having my head in books or online for hours finding out the what, where, when, how, why of it all. I have selected a few pieces to let you in on the moments that inspired me to make the work or to share a little of their story. You can scroll down to the images if you just want to have a look at the collection. Prints and originals are available for sale. Just click the relevant gallery tab at the top of the page for details or visit my Etsy shop at

I saw a Hare in the glen early one morning, Sitting by the edge of a track. He had frost on his coat. It looked like a jeweled silver cape with the moonlight glinting on it. I caught his eye, told him he was beautiful, the king of the field. He didn`t appreciate my advances and loped off to play by the Nether Largie standing stones.

I visited Dunadd a few times. I had always wanted to see the boar carved in the rock. Unfortunately has had to be covered with a protective layer to prevent damage by erosion and fools. So I had to use my imagination. This little piggy was made using the polystyrene base from a pizza. The boar was drawn on. I used my metalwork tools to carve out the boar and just stabbed the spiral pattern in with a pencil. I covered it in various colours of ink and printed it onto heavy textured paper. Details were refined in ink later.

This artwork features a carved stone that lies in a churchyard in Kilmartin Glen. There are ancient & medieval carved stones all around the churchyards of the UK. Slowly eroding and losing their fine designs to the wild & woolly weather. If you get the chance, take photos & share them in your local groups. We can at least preserve the information if not the stones themselves.

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