Ancient Art


It`s that time of year again!

My last few weeks have been spent wisely, preparing for Oban Winter Festival and the Argyll Animal Aid Christmas fayre. I now have a hearty collection of prints, cards and gifts ready to move on to new homes. This year my interest has returned to ancient art and archaeology and it shows in my collection.

Running Through Time- Ink & watercolour digitally layered.

I have always been fascinated by the art of the ages. From the cave art at la Grotte Chauvet pont d`arc, Lascaux and Peche Merle to name a few, through to the Pictish, Viking and Celtic designs we all admire, and of course those medieval manuscripts created and illuminated by gold.

The West coast of Scotland and it`s islands are rich in pre-historic and early Christian art. Everywhere you go there is a bountiful supply of ancient sites, rock art and carved stone. I already have an intense interest in the cave art and ancient art of the world so it seemed impossible for me not to respond to the sites I have visited in my new hometown, My Cave Art Series was born and will continue to grow as time passes and inspiration dictates.

 Prints and gifts featuring these images and other collections will be available at the aforementioned Christmas fayres, but if you can`t be there then just get in touch. I am happy to post out to you at any time of year. An Artist is not just for Christmas 🙂