New Collection! Oban Art , Isle of Lismore & Ardchattan Priory.

Here it is! My new collection – Oban Art.

I have been busy exploring the area around Oban and now have a collection of new Illustrations of some of my favourite places.  I`m still working on a few more of the Isles of Kerrera and Lismore, and have plans to expand on my sketches from Mull.  Here it is so far.

All original artworks in this post are Ink, or Ink & Dry watercolour pencil, on Fulmar Ultra White Pinseal card which has a lovely texture. Prints are also available, printed on the same card stock to ensure they are as close to the originals as possible. You can see a close-up sample in the final image at the bottom of this post.

I have to start with this illustration, inside  McCaig`s Tower in winter. Ink & dry watercolour pencil.   The Tower is the first thing most people see when they arrive in Oban and it is well worth the climb up the hill. The tower itself is lovely, with lawns, seating and garden. The view from the platform is really beautiful. Seeing the sunset from here is a must!

Hydropathic Ruins, Oban
Ink &  dry watercolour pencil, Hydropathic ruins, Oban

If you have made the effort to get to the tower, why not go for a walk around the Hydropathic ruins just up the road? This illustration shows the only turret left standing, though there are lots of other bits of ruination on this huge site. Nice woodland, majestic ruins and a beautiful viewpoint looking over all of Oban and out over the Isles of Kerrera, Lismore & Mull. Mind the drop!!! You can find more photos in my earlier post –  Winters end & Ruins – Oban Hills Hydropathic Sanatorium.


Hydro Viewpoint Oban
Snowy day at the Hydro Viewpoint, Oban.

Just down on the waterfront sits St Columba`s cathedral. It is an imposing building  in the neo-gothic style and is the

St Columbas cathedral,RC Diocese of Argyll & the Isles, Oban
Ink & dry watercolour pencil. St Columba’s Cathedral, Oban

mother church of the diocese of Argyll & the Isles. My original sketches were done while listening to the peal of the bells ringing over the bay, the seabirds answering and the waves lapping the shore. 

Ink & dry watercolour pencil, Dunollie 1745 house & castle gardens, Oban.

This Ink & pencil illustration is the of the view from the old carriageway to Dunollie Castle gardens and the  1745 house. The house is also a museum to the MacDougall family. I love this place and they have cake! The view from the castle is great, Looking over the sea to Kerrera and watching the ferries and sailing boats go by.

This Illustration is titled “Sunshine on the pride of Ardchattan”

Lions at the priory, Ardchattan, Oban
Ink & dry watercolour pencil, Sunshine on the pride of Ardchattan.

The priory at Ardchattan is around 10 miles from Oban. It has so much history, I don`t know where to start, so just go see it and enjoy the gardens. My friend John won the Wellie throwing contest on their last gala day. 🙂

Over the sea to the Isle of Lismore now for the last three illustrations. I am besotted with Lismore. I want to have a croft there. When I visit, I sit in my spot, imagining all the things I could do.

Port Salien Cottages, Isle of Lismore
Wet & dry Ink , Port Sailien Cottages, Isle of Lismore.

My number 1 thoughtful spot is here at port Sailien, Limekilns Cottages. A derelict row of workers cottages. This ink illustration grew from a sketch I did last summer. It was so hot that day.

Port Sailien Cottages, Limekilns, Isle of Lismore
Port Sailien Cottages, Limekilns, Isle of Lismore

We shared the shade with a sheep and her lamb. They could see that the heat was more dangerous than my little whippet dog and just kept a close eye on us 🙂 Rufus, my dog was brought up around sheep and livestock and is very gentle with other animals. He tends to just avoid eye contact and keep out of their way.  🙂

I did the first sketches of this view last spring. The weather was hot and the leaves were just opening on the trees. This Ink & Watercolour illustration shows 2 derelict mills near Achnacroish. I spent a happy weekend camped there. There are so many bits of Lismore I have still to explore. I`m sure I will be posting more views soon.

Well, That`s it for now! I will add these images to my Print shop and they will be available from my Etsy shop soon. If you would like any more information or to order your original or print, just get in touch. I am always happy to hear your comments. 🙂

Card texture sample- Fulmar ultra white pinseal 250gsm
Card texture sample- Fulmar ultra white pinseal 250gsm